[maemo-developers] gtk_label_set_markup issue

From: b0unc3 b0unc3 at email.it
Date: Wed Jan 27 22:33:01 EET 2010

today I'm facing out with a problem with gtk_label_set_markup().
Reading the gtk api docs regarding the GtkLabel I read that use link in a
label can be done with :

gtk_label_set_markup (label, "Go to the <a href=\"http://www.gtk.org\"
title=\"Out website\">GTK+ Website</a> form more ...");

now I tried it several time , but I cannot get it working.
Reading carefully I notice :
"Since 2.18, GTK+ supports markup for clickable hyperlinks in addition to
regular Pango markup."

So, which version of gtk we have on maemo ?
With pkg -l | grep -i gtk I get :
ii  libgtk2.0-0
2:2.14.7-1maemo21+0m5            The GTK+ graphical user interface library

that seems to be 2.14.7 , am I correct ?
Anyone know how I can avoid this problem and make a link in a label in an
easy way ?
And when the new gtk version will be ported to maemo ?

Best Regards,
Daniele Maio
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