[maemo-developers] How to capture ALL key events, no focus/No-GUI

From: Stefan Iwanowitsch stiw at ised.de
Date: Thu Jan 28 12:17:25 EET 2010
Piñeiro schrieb:
> From: Stefan Iwanowitsch <stiw at ised.de>
>> Hi everybody,
>> I've tried to figure out for some days, how I can capture ALL key events
>> even if I have no focus on my window or if my app is running without GUI.
>> Failed sofar :(
>> Using Fremantle/Hildon/GTK
> I suppose that you are talking about all key events redirected to your
> app.
> You can try to install a key snooper:
> http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk/stable/gtk-General.html#gtk-key-snooper-install
> If you are thinking in all key events in the device, I suppose that
> this would be more complex.
> ===
> API (apinheiro at igalia.com)
Key snooping just gives you an early view of key events intended for
your app. As soon as you loose focus you get nothing.
Isn't there perhaps a special window attribute or kind of a top level
where I can attach?!?


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