[maemo-developers] connect through ssh or telnet to the Virtual Machine with Maemo SDK

From: Stephan Jaensch sj at sjaensch.org
Date: Thu Jan 28 14:26:05 EET 2010

Am 28.01.2010 um 13:06 schrieb acano at dsic.upv.es:

>> I imagine you could probably install openssh server in the VM and connect
>> to the IP?

> I could try that, but, please, could you tell me how can I know then the ip ot the virtual machine in order to connect through ssh?

As I said, that might not be possible depending on the network configuration you chose in VirtualBox. If you're using NAT (the default), the virtual machine is not accessible from the outside - including the host. So either you follow the steps I provided in my previous mail to be able to ssh into your VM, or you choose a different mode of networking configuration.

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