[maemo-developers] How to capture ALL key events, no focus/No-GUI

From: Stefan Iwanowitsch stiw at ised.de
Date: Thu Jan 28 19:26:38 EET 2010
>> I want normal processing of keyboard events and just want to trigger
>> actions upon certain key combinations/sequences.
>> According to the documentation XGrabKeyboard() seems to prevent further
>> processing in other applications and there is no easy way to re-enqueue
>> key events I'm not interested in.
> So you want keyboard shortcuts? Like shift+ctrl+p and the like?  Then
> you should use XGrabKey to grab that key combination only. See
> libmatchbox2 sources for code.
> Grabbing or monitoring the whole keyboard for a keyboard shortcut is not
> the right way...
> -Kimmo

Hi, I managed to issue a grab after some fussing around, but I see no
reaction - shouldn't the grabbed keys be delivered to my application
just as as if I had the focus? Or do I need something special to receive
the grabbed keys?
Thanks for your help!
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