[maemo-developers] sensing change in System Clock using Qt

From: ibrahim ibrahim.ali at asgatech.com
Date: Sun Jan 31 11:45:52 EET 2010
David Greaves wrote:
> ibrahim wrote:
>> Remi.Denis-Courmont at nokia.com wrote:
>>>    Hello,
>>> ----- Message d'origine -----
>>>> But the problem that can face me is the case when the user changes his
>>>> clock settings (i.e adjust phone's time to a different time). in this
>>>> case, the timer that has been set to some fixed duration can go wrong.
>>> As a general rule, delay measurements should be done with the
>>> monotonic clock, not the wall clock (the real-time clock). As far as I
>>> know, Qt timers already do so internally. But of course, your own code
>>> should never request and use the wall clock for time measurements.
>> I don't think I follow you! What do you mean by monotonic clock ? If I
>> don't depend on the system's clock to get current time, where else can I
>> get it from ?
>> Let me explain my problem again briefly, I want to know the current
>> time, calculate some future durations  depending on it. Then I figure
>> out the time left to the upcoming duration and set it as interval to a
>> QTimer Object. But I'm afraid that user may change the system clock
>> (adjust the clock) So that my preset time will be invalid.
> Just so you know... you're describing an implementation and asking if it does
> what you want without describing what you want.
> Example: "At 4am the user wants to play a sound at 8am (in 4hrs). At 6am the
> user changes timezone and it becomes 7am. The alarm should sound at 8am in the
> new timezone."
> My guess is that you know about interval timers but you should be using a
> wall-clock. Since you haven't specified what you want it's hard to know.
> David
I am very sorry for not making my question clear enough. But the 
situation you just described is JUST what I want to do! Yes, I want to 
do something exactly as you described; I am now at 4:00 am, I need to 
make my app do something at - say - 8:00 am (the time of the alarm is 
calculated and varies from time to time, so i can't just use cron jobs 
to schedule the next alarm), So, I used a QTimer and set its interval to 
the duration between now and the next alarm. BUT this solution won't 
work if user decides to adjust the system clock/change timezone.
What I'm asking is there anyway to GET NOTIFIED by the system when its 
clock/timezone changes (in order to recalculate the next alarm and set 
my Qtimer object to a new duration)?? any signal emitted ? anything?

I hope i made my question clear and sorry for any inconvenience.
thanks again
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