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Date: Wed Jan 27 14:48:06 EET 2010
>>> I the N900 running true X-Windows, meaning that it was possible to ssh
>>> -XC in some Linux box and start X-applications without any extensions or
>> Try it. It's fun.
>I've tried both ssh -XC n900 and ssh -YC n900 and then running leafpad
>for instance, but it gets run on the N900, is not exported to the PC.
>I've set:
>ForwardX11 yes
>ForwardX11Trusted yes
>in /etc/ssh/ssh_config on the N900 but it's not exported.
>What am I doing wrong?

You may need to export DISPLAY and set the xauth tokens (command: xauth add <token>)

IIRC, displays start at 10, so it'd be
$ export DISPLAY=:10.0
$ xauth list 

The second command lists the known xauth cookies; verify that :10.0 is
  in there.

I'm not certain how to find the server's xauth keys if they aren't already
  set. It *should* be automagically set up on the remote side.


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