[maemo-developers] P1 bug in QtMobility Contacts module

From: David Talmage talmage at acm.org
Date: Wed Jun 1 19:05:54 EEST 2011
I've encountered a bug in QtMobility's Contacts module.  It's in the Symbian^3 
implementation.  I'm reporting it to maemo-developers because I encountered it 
while porting a Maemo application to Symbian^3.  Nokia recently classified it 
as  priority P1: Critical.

The Symbian^3 implementation of QContactManager doesn't work well with 
QContacts that contain avatars in PNG form.  If there are any such avatars in 
your contacts, QContactManger returns an empty QList<QContact> in response to 
contacts() or a QContactFetchRequest.  The Symbian^3 Contacts application 
displays PNG avatars as expected, so the bug is definitely in the QtMobility 
Contacts module.

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