[maemo-developers] Improve the Maemo SDK Releases/Compatibility web-page

From: Andrey Ponomarenko aponomarenko at ispras.ru
Date: Sat Jun 11 16:58:01 EEST 2011
Hi there,

Is there any chance to improve the "SDK Releases/Compatibility" [1] 
web-page at the Maemo.org site by joining with our (ISPRAS) comparison 
results [2] for old Maemo SDK releases (4.1.2 and 5.0)? You may compare 
them with your "Differences between Maemo SDK ..." page [3], that 
explains the differences on the package level. Our report explains the 
differences on the binary level and it's more deep level of comparison. 
The report is generated by the open-source ACC [4] tool.

It would be great if someone could copy our report to your site. Thanks!

[1] SDK Releases/Compatibility 
[2] Binary compatibility between Maemo 4.1.2 and Maemo 5.0 on ARM 
[3] Differences between Maemo SDK releases 4.1.2 and 5.0 
[4] ABI Compliance Checker (ACC) 

Andrey Ponomarenko
Department for Operating Systems at ISPRAS
  web:    http://www.LinuxTesting.org
  mail:   aponomarenko at ispras.ru

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