[maemo-developers] Harmattan Python is available

From: Edward Page eopage at byu.net
Date: Wed Jun 22 02:39:55 EEST 2011
Thank you very much for all of this work!

I had several questions and so decided to go to the source to find the
answers but I can't seem to find a link from the wiki page (or a quick
google search).  I assume things are still rolling out?

Since the deps aren't on the system and I assume you can't have
distribute apps with deps, I take it this pulls in the deps in a more
specialized form providing a py2exe-esque experience?  I look forward
to seeing how expandable this.

I sure hope we can gracefully adapt this to work with MeeGo (RPM) and
Maemo 5 so that I can package using just a single tool to cover all of
my bases, emphasis on "gracefully".

Does this include support for auto-generating pyc/pyo files?

Well I guess that is it for now,
Ed Page
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