[maemo-developers] Harmattan Python is available

From: Benoît HERVIER khertan at khertan.net
Date: Thu Jun 23 13:06:05 EEST 2011
Le 22 juin 2011 00:34, Gary Birkett <liquid at gmail.com> a écrit :

> This is an excellent piece of news!
> I know python support is strongly requested around MeeGo and one particular
> vocal developer who I know will cheer for this has been cc/ed in.


And AGAIN !!!! THX !!!!

A question about it, does 3rd party python module could be uploaded to
the "repository" that ovi app can depends on ?
Or does should be included in the app ?

Will this happen also for Ovi Store for Fremantle ?

Benoît HERVIER, Khertan Software - http://khertan.net/
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