[maemo-developers] Harmattan Python is available

From: Thomas Perl th.perl at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jun 29 10:31:48 EEST 2011

2011/6/29 Sanjeev (EIPI) <mobiletabletsblog at gmail.com>:
> 1. Is a Python SOAP client coming to Harmattan, like there was with
> Fremantle (e.g. python-suds)

Looking at the python-suds source code, it seems like it's a pure
Python module. You could just drop it into your project and bundle it
with it (if you want to publish it on Ovi Store or AppUp, it has to be
self-contained apart from the libraries already provided by
MeeGo-Harmattan or MeeGo Core).

For apps.meego.com, if I understand it correctly, you could package it
as a normal .deb and then depend on it from your application (which
should be in the same repo then), but that's assuming that
apps.meego.com works in a similar way as the Maemo.org

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