[maemo-users] [maemo-users] New software release available

From: Dirk Behme dirk.behme at de.bosch.com
Date: Tue Nov 1 08:34:03 EET 2005
klaus at rotters.de wrote:
> Does this image support root access?



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How to obtain root in Nokia 770 - the easy way

Get Linux-flasher utility: http://www.maemo.org/downloads/d3.php

Use Linux-flasher program (includes other neat parameters I prefer to 
have set on):

If you want to just set the product rootimage to rd-mode
(you don’t need any product or sdk image to do this):
switch off the device
flasher –enable-rd-mode -R
switch on the device
-R switches off the device automatically when ready
switch on the device - it is now in rd-mode

–enable-rd-mode = enables R & D mode, allows using /sbin/gainroot
-R = reboots the device after flashing
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Have not tried this. Doesn't it work?


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