[maemo-users] [maemo-users] WPA-RADIUS - are you using it?

From: Patrik Flykt Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com
Date: Wed Nov 16 13:04:37 EET 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 10:43 +0000, ext Matthews-Levine wrote:

> WPA-RADIUS if available and, seeing how we control the radius server,
> I can't really argue that it's /not/ available.

RADIUS is the back-end authentication protocol spoken between your WLAN
access point and the RADIUS authentication server. The 770 can
authenticate to the access point using EAP messages that are then sent
from the access point to the RADIUS server encapsulated in RADIUS
messages. Essentially 770 then talks EAP messages between itself and the
RADIUS authentication server. If I remember correctly, that is.

770 supports the following EAP authentication methods:
- EAP TLS using certificates
- EAP PEAP using GTC and optional PEAP certificate
- EAP PEAP using MSCHAPv2 and optional PEAP certificate

If any of these are supported by your RADIUS authentication server, all
is fine.

> Most importantly, do you get prompted for a username/password
> *each*time* you associate with the AP?  If the 770 caches credentials,

You can set 770 to remember your password (GTC and MSCHAPv2) or to ask
it every time.


Patrik Flykt <Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com>

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