[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Three Plucker issues

From: Roger Sperberg rsperberg at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 18 18:46:11 EET 2005
I have been trying different Plucker books in the viewer on the Nokia 770,
which I received a week ago. At first I was simply trying it with e-books I
made using Plucker distiller, and I know that the Windows version of that is
way out of date. So when I had problems I thought it was with my files.

Yesterday I tried some books made elsewhere, longer books, and I had the
same problem -- although the pdb file seems to be full and complete, only a
certain number of pages or lines are displayed in the Plucker Viewer. I make
it as about 49 pages in the 770 screen size.

This occurs even when the only application I have open is the Plucker
Viewer, even after resetting the 770. If it is a memory issue, it doesn't
seem to be coming from the 770 but from Plucker.

Is this something others have experienced?

For instance, I tried reading the Project Gutenberg-generated version of
Herman Hesse's Siddhartha (downloadable at
http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/2500 ). The last thing I can see in this text
is the end of the paragraph beginning, "This myth, this rumour, this legend

In the online version of Siddhartha at
, this point appears midway on page 11. The PG text itself extends to page

The last word I can read in the text is the 28,595th character in the book.
In a different book (in html), the last word is the 31,292nd character;
removing the markup, the last character is the 28,815th character.

If this is simply something I can and should adjust in the Viewer on the
770, anyone please advise.

If not, perhaps the GTK+ or the ported version has a restriction on how long
a single page can be.

To explore this issue further, I experimented by taking PG's text,
converting it to HTML and breaking it into 12 files, linking each chapter to
the preceding and following chapter and to a Table of Contents (itself
linked to all the chapters, of course). This created no problems whatsoever.

I also opened the CIA World Factbook with high-res color illustrations from
memoware (http://memoware.com/?screen=doc_detail&doc_id=15510&back=main ).
At 7.7 mb, it is more than 85 times larger than the original Siddhartha pdb
file. It has some 225 separate pages, one for each country and
dependency/special-sovereignty-area, all connected to a TOC. Again no

I do not own a Palm so I can't check these texts in the canonical Plucker
Viewer, but since so many pdb files seem constructed from a single long text
(at least: 'longer than 11 pages') I don't think this is a Plucker issue per

Additionally, when I make Plucker pdb files using a Windows distiller, any
special character -- dash, bullet, true-quote -- shows up as garbage
characters or unrecognized characters, no matter what encoding I use for the
text or for the output. Instead of Windows-1252, what encoding do Linux
devices like?

One more thing: as others have noted, after adding a book to the library, I
must first exit Plucker and relaunch to see the title. To delete a title
from the library I must also delete the file from the MMC card or else its
entry persists.

Thank you,

Roger Sperberg

PS: I am using ver 40-18 on the 770.

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