[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Help, unable to boot

From: David Briggs dbriggs at Goprolink.com
Date: Fri Nov 18 22:34:27 EET 2005

Make sure your device is plugged in to USB but turned off before you run the update.  Once you have started the update I have found it works better if you wait a second or two before turning on the 770.

Good Luck

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My Nokia770 do not boot any longer. I reboots when progress bar is at 
the end.
I suspect the cause might be that I added start of bash in my 

How can I reset the device to factory state?

I'll guess by reloading the original firmware?
I tried this 2005.42-9 from http://maemo.org/downloads/nokia_770. But 
the firmware wizard from nokia software update wizard say "Failed to 
write to device".

Any suggestions?

Peter Westerström
peterw at home.se
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