[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: [maemo-developers] Developer discount charged to credit card!

From: Toni Willberg toniw at iki.fi
Date: Tue Nov 22 21:50:26 EET 2005
Adam Laurie wrote:
>> ps. #include <disclaimer_about_mailing_to_wrong_list.txt>
> Actually, this was specifically mailed to this list to draw it to the 
> attention of other likely victims that may not have noticed. Not 
> everybody checks their credit card statements. Strange, but true.

AFAIK no-one of the _developers_ of Maemo paid for the devices, they 
were provided by a company whose name is printed in the device, thus 
maemo-users would have been good place to send a warning to. :)

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