[maemo-users] [maemo-users] WPA

From: Jon Kåre Hellan jon.kare.hellan at uninett.no
Date: Wed Nov 23 13:43:19 EET 2005
On Wed Nov 16 13:04:37 EET 2005, Patrik Flykt wrote:

> 770 supports the following EAP authentication methods:
> - EAP TLS using certificates
> - EAP PEAP using GTC and optional PEAP certificate
> - EAP PEAP using MSCHAPv2 and optional PEAP certificate

I've been trying, so far unsuccessfully, to authenticate the 770 over
WPA. However, I've managed to authenticate my Linux laptop. The
wpa_supplicant config on the laptop says:


Is TTLS the same as EAP-TLS? Is the 770 supposed to be compatible with
this? How are certificates handled? I've installed a cert on the
laptop. Can I do the same on the 770?

Jon Kåre

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