[maemo-users] [maemo-users] problems with image viewer , BT and Nokia 6682 phone

From: Brad Clements bkc at murkworks.com
Date: Sat Nov 26 18:25:11 EET 2005
The new firmware finally allows me to use image viewer to see images 
stored on the 6682

However it is incredibly slow.

Also,  I note some quirks.

1. after restoring from backup and restarting the 770, my phone 
prompted me for a pin code for the 770 (even though I had paired the 
device previously). So, does backup not backup BT codes?

2. There's not enough time to enter the pincode on the 770. The time 
allowed to enter a pincode on the phone, then select the input box on the 
770, have the keyboard appear and then enter the code is very short. I 
had to try several times to get it to work because the 770 kept saying that 
the "connection failed".

3. I used file manager to view drive "E:" on the 6682, then double clicked 
one of the images. The image viewer started and quite some time later, 
an image appeared.

4. I maximized the image viewer.

5. I then pressed the right scroller. Nothing happened.

Though I expected it to show the next picture, nothing visibibly changes 
on the screen. I eventually hit the home key, then re-selected image 
viewer, which now showed in non-maximized mode. And there was a 
floating dialog in the upper right that said "opening".

So, when the image viewer is in full screen mode, the "opening" didn't 

It takes about 62 seconds for each image to be transferred from the 
phone. The images about about 500KB

6.  Pressing the "X" to close the image viewer while an image is loading 
does not seem to work. It doesn't close 

7. In the file manager, I am trying to copy all images from the phone to 
MMC. I right click, choose mark all.  Then right-click again expecting to 
see "edit / copy". But the context menu does not appear.

8. Selecting "Mark all" also selects the Opera folder, which I do not want 
to select. 

There seems to be no way to select, then shift-select the other end of the 
selection range, or to ctrl-click one of many items to 'unselect just this 

(by right click, I mean press and hold the stylus)

Brad Clements,                bkc at murkworks.com    (315)268-1000
AOL-IM or SKYPE: BKClements

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