[maemo-users] [maemo-users] mounting ext2

From: krischan.keitsch at alumni.tu-berlin.de krischan.keitsch at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Date: Wed Aug 2 21:30:19 EEST 2006

I formated a small rs-mmc with ext2 filesystem. I believe that it is much more 
reliable than vfat which seems to be  a standard filesystem for mmc (even on 
an linux powered device  -- very strange ;-).

After loading the kernel module as root:

insmod /mnt/initfs/lib/modules/2.6.16-omap1/ext2.ko

and mounting the mmc manually:

mount /dev/mmcblk0 /media/mmc1

it worked well. However I noticed that the n770 seems to expect vfat formated 
mmc since it did not show the ext2 formated mmc in the build in filemanager 
and complained about a corrupt mmc. 
Question is: How can I convince n770 to also accept ext2 formated mmc as well 
as vfat including support for swap file? There must be a tweak, eh?

Regards Krischan
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