[maemo-users] [maemo-users] how to reinstall original osso applications?

From: Marc Baaden baaden at smplinux.de
Date: Sun Aug 6 13:06:21 EEST 2006

I am running IT2006 and have added some apt-sources and upgraded to the
latest "stable" versions. This went more or less smoothly, except that
now the musicplayer doesn't play any music any more. It returns the error
message "Operation impossible. Reessayer" (operation impossible. retry).

So I wanted to reinstall the original apps, eg something like
osso-mediaengine libgst0.10-dsp osso-musicplayer osso-musicplayer-l10n-frfr
however when I try this, I get for example

Reinstallation of osso-musicplayer is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.

so where can I get the armel debs for these packages from?

Thanks in advance,

NB: of course if someone knows another fix for the broken audio player, please
    go ahead

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