[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: [maemo-developers] Future features for Maemo Desktop (Task Navigator, Home, Status bar)?

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Fri Aug 18 21:37:39 EEST 2006
On Fri, Aug 18, 2006 at 04:00:31PM +0000, 3rdshift at comcast.net wrote:
> I can think of a couple of badly missing features such as:
>    An applet that would watch the resources availabitily and warn a user if
>    launching yet another window or application would definitely cause
>    a lockdown (followed by imminent reboot). I have seen enough reports
>    from the end-users complaining that the system is not stable even with
>    IT2006 update. The fact is that the most of them are not aware of the scarce
>    OS resources they hold in their hands. A notification applet to make them
>    aware would help thwart off future negative reviews and general confusion.

Agreed.  The load applet from the application catalog does a pretty good
job at this.  If the memory is full, I try to close some app before
starting a new one.  If the CPU is busy, I know that I should wait,
instead of assuming that I didn't press the screen hard enough and
retrying.  osso-statusbar-cpu is not as good for this, because the
current stat is pretty much invisible -- it focuses more on showing

By the way, in my experience OS2006 deals much better with low memory
situations than OS2005 did.  I don't remember when I got a reboot due to
running out of memory.  Instead, I get random unexplained reboots (the
task navigator bar disappears, the current application resizes and
redraws, then in a second the device reboots.  I think some statusbar
plugin may be at fault.)

>    And lastly, the Task Navigator bar width should be configurable.
>    There is no reason for its fattness as it is - it is just a waste
>    of desktop realstate, IMHO.

Actually, there is a reason -- so that you could hit the icons with your
thumb.  It would be difficult if the bar was slimmer, or the icons

>    Also, perhaps a docking station developed by Nokia for future models
>    might be a boon for the end-users.

Yes, please.  A cradle that my 770 does not fall out of, if I press a
hardware key.  With the ability to plug a charger into the cradle so
that I can charge the device without the power cable sticking out
inconveniently downwards and having to bend it and risk damaging it.

Marius Gedminas
"Wipe Info uses hexadecimal values to wipe files. This provides more security
than wiping with decimal values."
	-- Norton SystemWorks 2002 Manual
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