[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Python Serial

From: Michael Duergner duergner at cmu.edu
Date: Tue Aug 22 01:03:33 EEST 2006
Hi again,

> Very quickly since in this moment I've not access to the scratchbox 
> installation i'm using:
> 1) download the python source package (apt-get source python) 2) unzip it 
> 3) go to the debian subdir 4) open the rules file with an editor, locate
> the "rm termios.so" line and remove it 5) run the dpkg-buildpackage command
> (you may find an howto on the maemo site) under the armel environment 6)
> you get a new python deb file you can install in your 770

I did the even simpler version and just downloaded the vanilla .deb version for Debian ARM and copied the termios.so file.


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