[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Filesharing over 802.11

From: Michael P. Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Thu Aug 24 17:24:04 EEST 2006
> Is there a way to share files from the 770 with my Mac OS X computer (and
> vise-versa)over the 802.11 network? I have seen instructions for similar
> questions for Windows boxes, but they do not exactly address this issue.

I'm not sure if an afs client is available or not, but you can always use
SSH/SFTP.  MacOSX comes with a server that's easy to activate, and
dropbear/ssh are available for the 770.  It's a commandline solution,
which may not be ideal if you're looking for something "maclike".  It is
easy to set up, though.


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