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Date: Sat Aug 26 16:21:21 EEST 2006
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> Marius
> > > If I had done some more research before buying it I would probably have
> > > chosen the Nokia one that uses a compatible charger.
> If we're doing "would have" then I might have gotten a logging gps. The
> nokia still sort of "locks up" when reading gps data and having reliable
> logging inside the gps would be very nice in those situations when I
> want to upload my tracks later to a place like walkingboss.org.
> The wintec wbt-100 has an internal log and patches to gpsbabel will
> allow you to load the log from linux (and eventually from the nokia :)

I've used the Delorme Bluelogger - and its very nice. However, the
drivers for downloading the logs is Windows only. So I would recommend
(and may get one myself) the WinTec WBT-200.

As Brad mentions, there is a GPSBabel add-on that works with it, and
it's cheaper at like $95.

For more info check here:

Definitely go with a logger - it makes it so much easier as you can
still do tracking with or without your Nokia 770 or laptop.

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