[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Unison and large transfers

From: Gavin O' Gorman gavin.ogorman at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 13 10:54:55 EET 2006
> method of transferring files to and from the 770.  However, when I move
> a large volume of data (for example a 300MB audio book from
> librivox.org, or a recompressed movie from archive.org) I find that it
> often fails or behaves erratically.  Transfer speeds fluctuate wildly,
> the device gui often becomes unresponsive, and occasional reboots occur.
> Is anyone else experiencing similar behavior?
> Thanks,
> Mike

I have experienced something similar when I ran wget on the device to
download a film from a local web server to the mmc.

It would get around 30mb or so, then the device started to act as you
say, CPU usage goes up and the download stalls. I ended up having to
use the USB to copy the file over, which was rather painful given the
usb 1.1 speed.


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