[maemo-users] [maemo-users] new howto to connect the 770 over GPRS

From: ktung at hawaii.rr.com ktung at hawaii.rr.com
Date: Sat Mar 4 13:00:28 EET 2006
I just got myself a Razr and a Cingular plan and have been busy getting
the 2 to pair up and connect me to the Internet.  After some days of
struggling I finally found the solution and wrote a very detail HowTo's
with lots of pictures.  Basically, I manage to pair the Razr with the
770 over bluetooth and have the 770 connect using Cingular's GPRS
network.  My download speed is not lighting fast but definitely faster
than a dial up (about 50K/s).  

My dream of Internet connect anywhere is now complete.  My Nokia 770
paired with my new Razr (and an unlimited dataplan, VERY important)
allows me to connect to the Internet everywhere.  I'm done with my
wardriving days and don't care to look for open WiFi's anymore.  

Here's the link to my article, I've also linked it in maemo's HowTo wiki


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