[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Error: maemo_af_desktop[4900]: We could not read lowmem page stats

From: Satheesh Babu sateesh.kavuri at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 17 16:06:45 EET 2006
I installed Scratchbox version and Maemo SDK version 1.1. I started
xephyr, and the GUI window opened fine. I then launched the application
framework environment. That too started fine. When I try to open "control
panel" or "XTerminal" I get an error at the command line as:

maemo_af_desktop[4900]: We could not read lowmem page stats

I installed maemopad version maemopad_1.4 and installed it. Looks like it
got installed fine. But when I tried to launch it, I go the same error as
above.I get the a revolving icon message "Maemopad - loading" and after few
seconds it is lost and nothing happens.

I checked the mailing archive, and looks like someone else faced the same
problem, but no solution was posted.

Does someone know the reason for this and how it could be fixed.

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