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From: xuxian lsfdxuxian at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 18 08:27:41 EET 2006

My situation is I have a board with OMAP5912 as the CPU and I notice that
maemo is a quite suitable and convenient GUI to my board. However, I have to
change the maemo's resolution from 800*480 to 320*240 according to the
resolution of the LCD device on my board. I'm a newbie to maemo and please
tell me what can I do to accomplish this conversion.
I'd appreciate any help in this regard.


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xuxian wrote:
> The default resolution in maemo is 800*480. Now, I want to change the
> resolution to 320*240. Could you give me some hints please? 
> Any help will be appreciated.

this would involve some theme and code changes. If you just want to support
single resolution this wouldn't be that complicated,

If you intend to work on making maemo become more flexible to support
screen resolutions it would be pretty interesting to discuss detais on this



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