[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Plucker, pdb and ebook formats

From: Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum) zeploum at gmail.com
Date: Mon Mar 20 14:40:46 EET 2006
Thank you a lot for your answer, it helps me a lot. It seems then that
the "Alice in Wonderlands" sample was made in html then converted.

I will try to do the same.

Have a good day.

On 20/03/06, Nils Faerber <nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de> wrote:
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> Lionel Dricot (aka Ploum) schrieb:
> > Hello,
> Hi!
> > I've discovered the joy of FBreader and the plucker format with the sample :
> > http://downloads.kernelconcepts.de/books/AliceInWonderland.pdb
> >
> > As I've written some texts, I want to put them in the same format,
> > with a bit of formatting and perhaps somes pictures.
> Quite some work, but results in nice ebooks ;)
> > I didn't find any way to convert a PDF or PS or SXW or ODT or ABW to a
> > good looking pdb as Alice in wonderland is.
> Those formats are mostly not very "portable".
> Plucker comes from the idea to "pluck" web sites, i.e. download HTML
> pages to read them offline.
> Having said this it might become obvious that especially pre-formatted
> formats like PS and PDF do not convert that easily - thus no converter
> exists.
> The best bet you can do is convert to HTML first. If this works then you
> can convert the HTML page set to Plucker format.
> I would recommend to manually edit the HTML intermediate format in order
> to add some browsing help links, like page forward, page back, table of
> contents, a nice cover page, etc...
> > Also, I don't understand the difference between plucker and palm
> > document format (both are pdb extension and readable by FBreader)
> PDB is just the general extension for "Palm DataBase", i.e. a generic
> data file format for Palm-OS and does not specify any internal data
> representation (like PBC IRC which is the program file).
> > Can anyone give me some explanations or an interesting link ? It seems
> > that all that plucker-desktop can do is retrieving website for offline
> > browsing (and I don't want to do that).
> Don't use the desktop.
> Use the plucker commanline tool "plucker-build" instead.
> With this you can create an HTML directory tree and simply create the
> Plucker book from it.
> > Thanks,
> > Ploum
> Cheers
>   nils faerber
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