[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Run SDL application under Fedora 4

From: Michael misha at thunderworx.com
Date: Thu Mar 23 11:20:59 EET 2006
Hi there,

I'm at the beginning of development for Nokia770. My target is to build 
some existing SDL-based application for Nokia770. I did that  surmounted 
difficulties :). But now when I run this program inside scratchbox under 
Fedora Core 4 it does nothing. I installed Ubuntu under VMware, 
installed scratchbox and maemo SDK there and run my program. It worked 
fine! I don't understand what is wrong.
I tried to trace it using strace and I saw that the is a fork() and it's 
failed under Fedora with SIGCHLD (Child exited). Any ideas why?

The program was compiled under Fedora.

Environment: Fedora Core 4 / Ubuntu, scratchbox, maemo SDK 1.1 ARM.

Thank in advaced.

Best regards,
Michael Stepanov,

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