[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Succesfully Booted from the MMC [Plaintext...i hate hotmail..]

From: Jose Maria Rodriguez Millan dashiad at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 29 05:05:18 EEST 2006
Thank you,Frantisek, for pointing the right track.

Right now, i've managed to write the developer fss2 onto a ext3 formatted 
RS-MMC, and booting into it using the flasher (and, of course, now i have 1 
Gb for the system..).There's also an option to boot from usb (external 
hd?).I havent tested it, and maybe the power-supply issue would be involved 
I havent tested modifiying the linuxrc file, but it looks that may be 
possible, as (as far i can see), uses the same check than the gainroot file 
(ie, checking if the device is in rd-mode) to display the menu (i'm talking 
from memory...no battery on my 770 right now..)

I hope this will make developing easier than using the scratchbox system (am 
i wrong in that?..i got my 770 less than a week back, so i'm a complete 

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