[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Succesfully Booted from the MMC [Plaintext...i hate hotmail..]

From: Jose Maria Rodriguez Millan dashiad at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 29 12:15:32 EEST 2006
>Yes, that may be possible, there is also code which shows message on screen 
>but you also need to answer the menu, possibly with keys. I'm not sure 
>there is easy way to check which key is pressed at boot time, but maybe 
>there is a way. Also the good thing is that (at least in theory, I haven't 
>tried initfs yet, only kernel) when you mess up /linuxrc in initfs you can 
>reflash just initfs without loosing any data in rootfs.

Yes, i've been thinking about the menu issue on my way to the job.I suppose 
the keyboard module(...to name it) is loaded in the initrd image..I guess 
the menu in linuxrc needs the keyboard module loaded, and that module is the 
one used by the softkeys, which map to characters.
Anyway, as you proposed, it can else be done using a small reboot-script 
that should store the booting preferences in a file, to be read from the 
linuxrc file after the boot.
Hmm..i think that maybe even more options that flasher sets, can be done in 
this way too...usb host mode, etc...


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