[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Is Bluetooth suspended when the display is switched off?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Mar 30 15:48:30 EEST 2006

you may try to flash older firmware from 
http://www.maemo.org/downloads/nokia_770.php I've been experiencing 
similar issues with current firmware and kbdd over rfcomm. It worked 
fine with previous .45 one.

Bluetooth should work even when display is off and definitely works with 
my keyboard. When the cover is put on, it is different matter as the 
device closes network connections and goes to offline mode. This may 
change in future OS version (see 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/maemo/developers/3905#3905 ) but 
so far it looks like there is no easy fix for this feature.

As for the display I think there was gpsdrive patch floating on the list 
which prevents display from turning off but I suppose it will not help 
with your issue as the display blanking itself. Such patch can be easily 
hacked even into gpsd, see kbdd source and blanking.diff here 


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