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From: Cristobal Gonzalez Cristobal.Gonzalez at sitel.es
Date: Thu Mar 30 18:46:14 EEST 2006
regarding the MMC card(s) included in the sales package... I just bought a
770 a couple weeks ago. It's written on the box that there should be a 128
MB MMC with "Million Dollar Baby" inside. But what I found was two 512 MB
MMC cards (both of them with this film in each of them) and another 64 Mb
one with the MMC adaptor... Cool, ha? I guess they made a mistake while
packing the stuff in the box... Has this happened to any of you?


 It's incredible, 

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Yes I believe im putting it in right, it clicks in, It does hang out a 
little but it should do that correct? This is the card that came with 
the Nokia 770.

How do i go about mounting the card?

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