[maemo-users] Mail application locks up when trying to view email.

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Sun Apr 1 16:52:53 EEST 2007
> I have just flashed the latest version of 2006 SE 3 on my 770.  I setup my
> email application to connect to my gmail account.  It connects and I receive
> email but when I try to view the email the application locks up.  I tried
> changing the settings from only downloading headers to message and
> attachments, but I am still unable to open an email message.

I assume you have email on your 770, not on gmail server.Then you get
that mail and delete it on remote pop server? No more headers there.
I never used built in e-mail client, but it must store the letter some-
where. Find the directory and browse through it. If you changed options
on google server to let pop3, then you have options. From bigger box:
  openssl s_client -connect pop.gmail.com:995
Or from 770:
  socat - openssl:pop.gmail.com:995,verify=0
Then, from command line, talk to pop server (user, pass, list, top, quit).
Look at the size of the message.
Otherway, if the letter is on the 770, it could be too big for little dude.
Let the swap be with you, space worrior! Find those headers and check for
mime or friends. Or it has flash or other strange content, that client
just ignores.


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