[maemo-users] N800 won't boot nor run on external power alone

From: Lionel D. Hummel 6tax7zu02 at sneakemail.com
Date: Mon Apr 2 00:09:25 EEST 2007
My N800 is showing the "white screen" reboot loop problem:  Constant white logo with a flicker once or twice every minute.  Others have talked about "non-stock" chargers and installing software that has disrupted the boot process.  The hardware on mine is all stock, and I haven't had time to start doing any "developer" stuff with it yet.

One thing I did notice is that if I remove the battery, it will not power up from the charger alone.  That looks like a problem, even if it doesn't completely explain why I see the reboot loop: If the power jack were bad, how many hours should it take for the  battery run to down and fail to power up the screen?  Mine could have been white-screen on the charger for a day or two.

Anyhow, are other N800s unable to run from charger power alone?  Could the power jack be part of this N800's boot problem?

< Lionel

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