[maemo-users] kind of off-topic, but not completely: some questions about the N800

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 09:17:07 EEST 2007

ext andrei raevsky wrote:
> I have just acquired the N800 and I love it.  I do have a number of
> questions about it which are not really maemo-related, but since this list
> is one of well-informed N770/N800 users I thought I might at well ask here.
> 1) Xterm: I have installed xterm and even got myself a root password (using
> dropbear ssh).  However, this is no the Bash shell I am used to and the
> commands do not have man or info pages.  Where can I find some
> documentation on this shell's usage?

It's a (standard) POSIX shell.  In general the commands are almost the
same as on your Linux desktop, so you can use the manual pages from the
desktop (or just google).  For more information on the shell:

The main difference from the desktop alternatives for the commands
which I've noticed myself is "find", it's lacking a lot of options
which the GNU version of find has.

> And one small thing: show do I scroll up numerous
> pages (like to examine the contents of a 'netstat' command)?  BTW - when I
> do netstat|less I get a warning that "this terminal is not fully
> functional".  Any ideas as to what that means?
> 2) Batteries: Nokia's documentation says that once the batteries are
> charged
> the unit should be disconnected (same thing for my Nokia phone, BTW).  So
> does that mean that overnight recharge is not an option?  Can/should I run
> the unit without a battery inside when/if I can?  The battery life of the
> unit (and of my Nokia phone) is, alas, rather short.

Shorter than what is mentioned in the manual?  Do you have some extra
software installed that could be consuming battery when it shouldn't?

>  Has anyone tried
> purchasing a non-Nokia battery for cheaper and possibly with a longer
> battery life?
> 3) I have installed mplayer.  Both the original media player and mplayer
> tend to make the unit freeze (with the sound track still running) has
> anyone
> come up with a solution for this

Have you flashed the latest release?  It has fixed some other video
issues besides performance.

> 4) I have installed a lot of small files on the internal 2GB card and ever
> since  see the unit doing "refreshing" very often and for a long while.  Is
> there any way to make this better.
> 5) on bootup I notice (with a CPU monitoring applet) that the CPU is
> working
> at full blast.  I did a "top" in xterm to see who was taking so much CPU
> power and I found out that the culprit is 'metalayer-c'.  Any idea of who
> that is and why this happens?

It indexes the media files on your device. Media player shows only the
files that the crawler has indexed.  Because the memory card is mounted
at boot (and crawler can't trust that the card contents haven't changed
in  the meanwhile) crawler indexes that.  There's a bug in the Maemo
bugzilla about its performance, you could add your vote for that.

If you notice that some particular media file types are particularly
slow to be indexed, please add a comment about that to the bug.

	- Eero

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