[maemo-users] N800 wifi power usage

From: Michael Wetherell mike.wetherell at ntlworld.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 13:29:29 EEST 2007
On Monday 02 Apr 2007 22:22, Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> I've used it to poll e-mail (up to 100 at a time when on the road). 
> This was prior to flashing the new update.  The e-mail client might
> crash but the system stayed up.
> I've used it for streaming audio with good transmission rates
> depending upon where I am.  At my office I get excellent speeds, e.g.
> > 75kps.  I have not tried streaming video so can't comment on that;
> however, I don't know that I would have any more issues than with
> audio.


Those thing do work ok here too, so the question is still open. Thanks 
anyway, and let me know if you do try streaming video or copying large 
files over the wlan.


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