[maemo-users] kind of off-topic, but not completely: some questions about the N800

From: andrei raevsky raevsky.andrei at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 16:25:09 EEST 2007
Dear friends,

Thanks for all your suggestions.  Looks like this list was the correct one
to submit questions to :-)

A couple of small follow-up, if I may:

1) updating the firmware: I have been using only GNU/Linux since 2000
(mostly Debian).  I could try to find somebody with W2k or XP, but is there
no GNU version of the software update at Nokia?!  Surely this Debian-based
unit has a Debian-based updating option?  Also - since  don't suppose
'apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade' would work - why can't the 'check
for updates' option of the application manager now allow a complete firmware
update?  Is it in the ROM?

2) batteries: just to see if I got this one right - I can leave the unit
permanently connected to the charger and the batteries will be ok?

3) metalayer-crawler0: how do I disable this and could I simply let the unit
sit for 5 minutes after boot-up instead?

4) chargers: the unit comes with a Nokia  AC-4U charger rated at DC 5V/890mA.
My cellphone - a Nokia 6133 - comes with a AC-3U charger rated at DC 5V/
350mA.  Could I use either one of them for *both* my N800 and my phone?
That would mean less stuff to travel with (I also have a car charger for my
phone - could I use that one for my N800?).

5) repos: the catalog of my application manager currently includes the
following repos:

   - Nokia catalogue
   - Nokia catalogue (3rd party software)
   - FBReader repository
   - maemo-hackers
   - bora-extras
   - mg

Can I trust all these repos and what repos should I add to this list?

6) system crashes: how does one reinstall/fix a N800 unit after a major
crash?  Assuming that I - as roo  - do something I should not, or that by
installing the wrong software I really screw-up my tablet terminally.  How
can I rescue/reinstall it? Is there a way to bootup the unit in CLI to fix
any X/GUI problems?

and lastly:

7) when an application goes out of control (which, for example, my mplayer
seems to be doing), how does one stop/kill it?  The best way I have found so
far is to open a terminal and give it a kill command.  But what should I do
if the GUI is frozen?  Rebooting seems a bad idea as the filesystem of the
N800 is not journalled and I am concerned that reboots might result in lost

Many thanks again and kind regards,

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