[maemo-users] kind of off-topic, but not completely: some questions about the N800

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 16:59:13 EEST 2007

ext andrei raevsky wrote:
> 3) metalayer-crawler0: how do I disable this and could I simply let the
> unit sit for 5 minutes after boot-up instead?

Search Maemo Bugzilla, there's some env variable which controls what
directories it searches.  Without crawler you wouldn't see anything in
the media player.

> 5) repos: the catalog of my application manager currently includes the
> following repos:
>   - Nokia catalogue
>   - Nokia catalogue (3rd party software)
>   - FBReader repository
>   - maemo-hackers
>   - bora-extras
>   - mg
> Can I trust all these repos and what repos should I add to this list?

Trust in which way?  To contain software that can potentially screw
your device (by filling your Flash or RAM, using all CPU...)?  Yes,
that's why there's the warning when you install 3rd party software...

> 6) system crashes: how does one reinstall/fix a N800 unit after a major
> crash?  Assuming that I - as roo  - do something I should not, or that by
> installing the wrong software I really screw-up my tablet terminally.  How
> can I rescue/reinstall it?

The device has a backup application that works pretty nicely.
Note that except for settings in Gconf, it doesn't backup data
for 3rd party applications that haven't told backup what additional
data should be backed up.

Then just reflash.

Backup + reflash + restore takes only 10 minutes[1] if you have already
downloaded all the necessary things  (flasher program, the release you
want to flash).

[1] if you backup only settings and not data. Zipping the data to/from
    the memory card takes a bit longer from the backup app.

> 7) when an application goes out of control (which, for example, my mplayer
> seems to be doing), how does one stop/kill it?  The best way I have
> found so
> far is to open a terminal and give it a kill command.  But what should I do
> if the GUI is frozen?  Rebooting seems a bad idea as the filesystem of the
> N800 is not journalled and I am concerned that reboots might result in lost
> data.

JFFS2 is journaled and guarantees file system to be consistent.
Individual files can be incompletely written though (instead of being
removed like would happen with a filesystem that journals everything),
but incomplete applications data files do not prevent the device from
booting up.

Note that memory cards usually have FAT file system (for MicroSoft
compatibility) and FAT can break very easily if it's being written
when the device reboots abnormally.   You can fsck your memory card
through USB connection from the PC.

	- Eero

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