[maemo-users] GPS receiver problem after N800 flash (SOLVED)

From: Benjamí Villoslada benjami at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 17:37:48 EEST 2007
El Dimarts 03 Abril 2007 15:21, Eero Tamminen va escriure:

> Ok, so the problem is that some file(s) cause crawler to take more
> memory than it should.  There's already some bug in Maemo Bugzilla
> that crawler takes too much CPU, maybe you could vote on that
> and add a new bug about it taking too much memory too?

Yes, I'm glad to contribute to debug :) ... but at this moment Bugzilla fails 
when I search "crawler" :(

DBI connect('host=osso.db.dmz;database=maemobugs;port=3306','maemobugs',...) 
failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'osso.db.dmz' (113) 
at /usr/lib/perl5/DBI.pm line 603

(I try again later)

> Could you run the attached script on the device for /media/mmc1
> and /media/mmc2 directories?  It lists how many files and of what
> type (with what filename extention) you have under given directory
> structure.


      1 Ad
      1 Autumn
      1 I'll
      1 Shadow
      1 c
      1 css
      2 xbm
      3 txt
      4 xml
      9 jpg
     20 ogg
     29 pdf
    154 gif
    242 html
    388 mp3
   2012 no-extension-in-file
   3497 htm

mmc2 (a lot of time counting files, probably due to 775.8 MB Google Maps jpg 

      1 31_armel
      1 metadata
      1 swap
      5 avi
      5 no-extension-in-file
      7 zip
     10 deb
 178623 jpg



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