[maemo-users] Canola abruptily ending songs too soon...

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Tue Apr 3 23:06:58 EEST 2007
Hi, Gustavo...
 I have the current versions of Claws-mail and Gaim running at the
same time... Claws-mail is set up to retreive mail every 5 minutes.
Gaim updates whenever someone enters or leaves, etc.
 I've also noticed some weird "chirps" (digital distortion of some
kind) that occur during playback (seems to be random, as it's not
reproducable on the same track twice). These chirps sometimes occur
when a song is cut short.
 I'll keep a closer eye on why the songs might be switching next
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 Subject: Re: Canola abruptily ending songs too soon...
 From:  Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri 
 To: "Tim" 
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 Date: 04/03/2007 1:32 pm
 On 4/3/07, Tim  wrote:
 > So, I've been using Canola extensively for the first time today...
I've had
 > it for a while, but never really let it play through an entire
library of
 > songs. Anyway, I have it on Random. It works for the most part.
But, it
 > seems that ever 5-10 songs, it will end the song short and go to
the next
 > track.
 >  Has anyone else had this issue?
 Hi Tim,
 We never had such report.
 Are you running any other application together with Canola? Seems
 other app is having OSSO media server* to switch to next song or
 having it to emit "end-of-song", then canola would act in response.
 *osso media server is nokia application that handles media for
 on device, we communicate with it using a inter-process
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