[maemo-users] maemo.org homepage mockup

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Fri Apr 6 01:37:05 EEST 2007
On 4/6/07, quim.gil at nokia.com <quim.gil at nokia.com> wrote:
> Hi Ferenc  :)
Hello Quim :)

> This is the maemo.org homepage. Forget about the "Developers" tab being
> selected. As you see any elements of the page are not tied to
> development.
Really? As I see the navi items below the promo image (ie. below the
"open source development" image) map the navigation items we had (some
time ago) at http://test.maemo.org/development/ on the right side...
So which elements are not tied to development?

Happy Easter!

> >Nice. But is this the "Developers" page only? What will happen
> >to the frontpage of maemo.org?  Or we/you/somebody will
> >redesign the whole site again even before it was launched?
> Quim

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