[maemo-users] IT2007 Hacker Edition - First impression

From: Alessandro Pasotti apasotti at gmail.com
Date: Tue Apr 10 19:40:15 EEST 2007
2007/4/10, Frantisek Dufka <dufkaf at seznam.cz>:
> Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> > I noticed that the power consumption shot way up when using the Hacker
> > Edition.
> What are your numbers of hours/days approximately before and after? I
> haven't noticed anything. Power consumption was great with IT2006 and is
> also with IT2007. I'm using n770 less then before since now have n800
> too and it lasts couple of days with closed cover which is similar/same
> like with IT2006. Also I changed WLAN PSM timeout to 200ms in OS2007 on
> n770 so maybe it is even better for networking then with OS2006. I'm
> using it (when being user, not developer) mainly for browsing, internet
> radio, scummvm and e-books.
> BTW, do you have any media on MMC card? Do you remove the card often?
> The metalayer-crawler goodie in IT2007 can take up lot of CPU when
> inserting card or even hang taking up CPU with some specific media on
> the card. I have rootfs on MMC so I hardly ever remove the card and also
> have almost no media files there.
> Frantisek

I've been using OS2007 HE during the last 5 weeks.

I've also noticed a reduced battery duration (never changed my MMC), but
this could be the wifi, since even with cover on it doesn't stop??

Other issues are the stability (some reboots, expecially right after
removing the cover or playing sounds) and some BT keyboard SU-8W shortcuts
not being recognized (same setting on N800 works fine).

BTW I will not switch back to OS2006, keep on with HE, please.

Alessandro Pasotti
w3:   www.itopen.it
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