[maemo-users] IT2007 Hacker Edition - First impression

From: Martin Grimme mgrimme at online.de
Date: Fri Apr 13 14:25:30 EEST 2007
Hi Marcelo,

> Marcelo Oliveira schrieb:
>> can you give me just a little bit more of info on this problem with 
>> Canola? (video that you played, etc)
> I don't have the 770 with me now, so the details have to wait until
> tomorrow. I'll try with several differently encoded videos.

Here are the details.

It happens with any video. As soon as the video displays, the
screen messes up and turns blue-grey. The video is still running and
the device is reacting, but the display is broken. I can still
quit Canola blindly and return to the hildon desktop, in which case
the screen turns into a solid white. The device still reacts fine,
but you cannot see anything on screen.
Only switching off the 770 helps to restore the screen.

This only happens on the combination OS 2007 hacker edition on
Nokia 770. The Nokia media player plays video without problems.


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