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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Apr 18 21:18:38 EEST 2007
I guess what I like about iTunes, though, is that I can have all of my
music on my home computer as well as on my portable device (in this
case, an iPod)... The interfaces are similar (and very intuitive) and
both retain all of the information that each other
manipulates/stores... From song playhead location to notes, genre,
ratings, etc. -- it's all the same between both "devices."
 This is even more important for media such as podcasts... When I
listen to a podcast on my iPod and then plug it into my computer, the
playhead location is transfered during the sync -- so that I can
continue listening on my computer, or vice versa. Then, when I delete
the podcast on my computer, it deletes it from the iPod during the
syncing process. So, every new (or old) podcast remains cohesive on
both devices.
 What I'm wondering, is why hasn't something so elegant been created
for portable devices other than the iPod yet... And, what if Nokia
could partner with a company that is putting full-time hours into
creating a viable competitor of iTunes?
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 From:  Levi Bard 
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 Date: 04/18/2007 12:09 pm
 >  I'm writing, because I wonder if Nokia would ever considering
 > with someone like Adobe in the attempt to make an "iTunes killer"
 > sorts... It would be so nice to have a media app on IT and
computer that
 > synced like iTunes does.
 Syncing doesn't necessarily have to be part of a media player app,
 particularly if it isn't necessary to drive device users to your
 online media store.  ;-)
 It should be possible to create a PC app that detects USB
 does some magic to check for a syncable device, and autosyncs.  An
 independent wifi- or bluetooth-based sync module on either end
 be doable as well.
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