[maemo-users] claws mail program

From: Jean-Luc Biord jl.biord at free.fr
Date: Fri Apr 20 10:41:08 EEST 2007
Hi Eero,

Thank you for this feedbacks. The wizard is launched only one time and I 
don't think that it's a problem if it's not possible to switch to other 
I think that Maemo Claws-mail must be modified the least possible from 
the original code. This to avoid the current problems on the tablet : A 
email client partially rewritten and finally unusable. Nevertheless it 
is necessary to adapt to the tablet (switch to fullscreen, new layout 
etc.) but only if it's necessary and useful.


Jean-Luc Biord
> Hi,
> ext Jean-Luc Biord wrote:
>> If a previous version is already installed, the new 2.9.0 doesn't
>> appear in applications manager. Uninstall the previous version to have
>> the new version in applications manager. It's not really a problem
>> because the parameters and the mailboxes are not deleted.
> I quickly checked this and noticed some minor issues at startup
> which could be easy to fix:
> - The setup wizard dialog at the startup is not properly set transient
>   to the Claws window.  If I e.g. switch to Browser to check my
>   E-mail details, the Setup Wizard keeps above the Browser
> - The wizard dialog contents are not wrapped inside scrolled area
>   so that they could be used when the input method pops up
> (And the settings windows opened from menus are pretty unusable
> with input method unless one switches the application to full
> screen view but I guess you knew that. :-))
> 	- Eero

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