[maemo-users] A suggestion

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Sun Apr 22 20:09:09 EEST 2007
Tuukka Tolvanen wrote:
> James Knott wrote:
>> Frédéric Crozat wrote:
>>> Le dimanche 22 avril 2007 à 10:39 -0400, James Knott a écrit :
>>>> On other mail lists, there is usually a tag applied to the
>>>> messages, to
>>>> indicate the list.  This has often kept me from deleting valid mail,
>>>> that otherwise had a subject that might have appeared to be spam. 
>>>> These
>>>> tags are enclosed in square brackets, something like [maemo-u] and my
>>>> message, for example, would appear with the subject "[maemo-u] A
>>>> suggestion".
>>>> Any thoughts on this?
>>> It has been removed some time ago, because it clutters subjects more
>>> than anything. Any good mailer can filter mails from list correctly.
>> I prefer not to filter my mail on receipt.  I read it from my inbox and
> Seamonkey / Thunderbird filters can add a tag, and you can display the
> tags column next to the subject in the message list. Gmail displays
> its tags in the subject space. The relevant information is present in
> the messages, and the display is a user preference thing, so it's best
> handled in the user agent. Note the above muas can't do away with
> subject tags afaik at least ootb so the reverse setup wouldn't work
> out to various preferences quite as well.
> 't.
Yes, they can add tags, just as they could add labels before.  However,
this means I have to add the tag manually, after I've read the message. 
The purpose of the tag, is to identify list messages, so that I don't
mistake some questionable subjects as spam, before I've read them.  For
an example, consider a message recently posted here, with the title
"Navicore GPS software and US maps - when?".  If I didn't know there was
supposed to be a bluetooth GPS for the N800, I might suspect this was
some spam attemping to sell some GPS software.  Over the years, I have
seen many message subjects that look like spam and the mail list tags
keep me from deleting it as such.

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