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From: Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Apr 26 12:09:33 EEST 2007

Easiest way to develop applications nowadays is Python + PyGtk. It
consumes quite a bit resources but if you can code Java, you can learn
Python in half day when other people need about one day to learn it :).
I am currently coding with Python, and I love it! It is so nice! And you
may find the Python + Gtk+ quite familiar as the UI is constructed in
the same way as in the Java - the Gtk+ has different boxes that can go
inside other widgets and you construct UI the same way as in Java and it
becomes scalable and everything if you like. I used to code high level
stuff with Java several years ago, but now I don't bother hacking with
it anymore as I have found a lot better alternatives.

If you want speed from the application and minimal resource use and
maybe want to do low level stuff, then the obvious choice is C and Gtk+.

If you want to do some library with object oriented language, you can
also use C++. I once tested that I made a library addition to Hildon
Desktop with C++ and utilizing STL containers and it worked without
problems. It might be also possible to create the whole project with C++
(and use Gtk+, not Gtkmm), but I haven't so far attempted to do that.

Anyhow, my favourite language used to be C++ out of the languages I know
(C, C++, Java, different basic variants on ancient times of 8 bit
computers etc.). However, the Python appears to be so nice that I don't
think much C++ currently as I am not doing anything resource hungry
stuff currently.

In order to run Python applications on the device, you and those who use
your packages, have to install Python - it is not included there by

I have recently also been gettting familiar with D. There is no D
compiler in scratchbox unfortunately currently, so I am not able to use
it for writing applications for the Maemo. From resource efficient
compiled languages, it looks pretty elegant compared to the usual
messyness of C and C++ - very easy to read even somebody else's code.
So, I would suggest using Python now and C if you need to do something
low level stuff.

Best Wishes,

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>Good morning fellow N800'ers.
>I was wondering what my choices where for writing applications on the 
>N800 was.   Being a hard core Java junkie I am fully aware my 
>avenue is 
>cut off here.  So what are my other options?
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