[maemo-users] bluetooth GPS receiver

From: Brad Midgley bmidgley at gmail.com
Date: Sat Apr 28 21:06:43 EEST 2007

given the price of that product, why is the Nokia GPS so much more
> expensive? Is it simply the Brand name or is there some material
> difference in GPS resolution/flexibility/performance, etc?

it's the brand name probably. every gps uses one of just a few chipsets to
receive the signal. if it doesn't use sirf iii, check out the reviews and
see how it compares.

the ways a bt gps can differentiate is by offering logging, a small package,
decent battery, or convenient charging connection.

fwiw, no one has confirmed it but it may be that the wintec wbt 201 will
need some more reverse engineering to get track downloads working from

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